CEO's Office

Barbara Stewart
Chief Executive Officer

Desiree Tucker-Sorini
Chief of Staff

Brian Finch
Director of Business Transformation

Sandy Scott
Senior Advisor

Tim Noelker
General Counsel

Lori Giblin
Chief Risk Officer

Maelat Mathias
Chief Human Capital Officer

Bo Bryant
Director of Government Relations and External Affairs

Mary Hyde
Director of Research & Evaluation



CNCS Programs

Erin Dahlin
Acting Chief of Program Operations

Chester Spellman
Director of AmeriCorps

Deborah Cox Roush
Director of Senior Corps

Malcolm Coles
Acting Director, Office of Field Liaison

Gina Cross
Acting Director of AmeriCorps NCCC

Eileen Conoboy
Acting Director of AmeriCorps VISTA

Erin McGrath
Director, Regional Operations

Lisa Bishop
Senior Advisor for Education Initiatives

Earl Gay
Senior Advisor for Wounded Warrior,
Veteran, and Military Family Initiatives



Dana Bourne
Acting Chief Operating Officer

Robert McCarty 
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Pape Cissé
Chief Information Officer



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