AmeriCorps State and National Grantee Progress Report (GPR)

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Terms and Conditions
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for each grant type for GPR reporting periods and due dates.

eGrants Tutorial 
An online tutorial on how to navigate the AmeriCorps GPR in eGrants is located here.


The New AmeriCorps State and National Grantee Progress Report Instructions
This webinar provides an overview of the new Grantee Progress Report (GPR) Instructions for AmeriCorps State and National grants awarded in Fiscal Year 2019. Details are shared about the new Performance Data Elements (previously referred to as demographic indicators) and narrative questions to which grantees will be expected to respond. Please note that this webinar focuses on the GPR instructions for FY 2019 Progress Reports, which will be submitted in calendar year 2020. Instructions for completing the FY 2018 End-of-Year and Final Progress Reports, which are due in December 2019, are already posted below and will not change.
PowerPoint (PDF)
Webinar Video | Recorded November 21, 2019

Submitting the End-of-Year and Final Grantee Progress Report
PowerPoint (PDF)
Transcript (PDF)
Webinar Video | Recorded September 27, 2018

GPR Instructions

Please use the instructions that correspond to the year of your most recent continuation award, not the calendar year in which the GPR is due. For example, you should use the Grant Year 2018 GPR instructions for the end-of-year AmeriCorps State and National GPR due in December 2019. (Please note: AmeriCorps State and National and School Turnaround AmeriCorps GPRs are not visible in eGrants until 2 months prior to their due date.)

Grant TypeGrant Year                                             
AmeriCorps State and National2016201720182019
 End-of-YearEnd-of-YearEnd-of-Year (Progress Report Annual)End-of-Year (Progress Report Annual)
 FinalFinalFinal (Progress Report Lite Quarterly)Final (Progress Report Lite Quarterly)
 Planning GrantPlanning GrantPlanning Grant (Progress Report Lite Quarterly)Planning Grant (Progress Report Lite Quarterly)
 GPR Supplemental GuidanceGPR Supplemental GuidanceGPR Supplemental GuidanceGPR Supplemental Guidance
School Turnaround AmeriCorpsMid-YearMid-YearN/AN/A
 End-of-YearEnd-of-YearEnd-of-Year (Progress Report Annual)N/A
 FinalFinalFinal (Progress Report Lite Quarterly)N/A
 GPR Supplemental GuidanceGPR Supplemental GuidanceGPR Supplemental Guidance N/A
Commission Investment FundMid-YearN/AN/A                 N/A
 End-of-YearN/AFinal (Progress Report Annual)N/A
Commission Support GrantMid-YearN/AN/AN/A
 End-of-Year/FinalEnd-of-Year/FinalEnd-of-Year/Final (Progress Report Annual)End-of-Year/Final (Progress Report Annual)
 N/AN/AN/AGPR Supplemental Guidance
Program Development GrantAnnual Progress ReportN/AN/AN/A
Volunteer Generation Fund FinalEnd-of-YearEnd-of-Year (Progress Report Annual)End-of-Year/Final (Progress Report Annual)


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