How to Sign Up for Litmos for Senior Corps Grantees

How to Sign Up for a Litmos Account

  1. Visit this page in any web browser:
  2. Enter the required information.
  3. In the Code field, enter: SC-FGP if you represent a Foster Grandparent Program, SC-RSVP if you represent an RSVP Program or SC-SCP if you represent a Senior Companion Program. Check with your Program Officer if you represent a Senior Demonstration Program.
  4. Click “Register.”
  5. If you are affiliated with two different Senior Corps programs (for example, if your sponsor has both an RSVP Program and a Foster Grandparent Program), enter only one code at first. After you hit "Register" the first time, visit again, fill out the form in full, and enter the code for the second program only. Use the same email address both times to avoid duplicating your account.
  6. You're in! Consider taking a minute to view the Senior Corps Litmos Orientation before moving on. You can come back at any time to explore more and take any courses that interest you.
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