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CNCS State Offices and State Service Commissions

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) supports collaboration among national, state, and local entities. Together, CNCS State Offices and State Service Commissions coordinate the resources of CNCS at the state and local levels.


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What's the difference between a CNCS State Office and a State Service Commission?

CNCS State Offices

CNCS State Offices are federal offices staffed by federal employees in the state. They conduct public outreach and program support. They are directly responsible for developing grants and projects, and for overseeing all Senior Corps and AmeriCorps VISTA projects within their states.

Each CNCS State Office works closely with the governor-appointed State Service Commissions in their state.

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State Service Commissions

State Service Commissions provide CNCS funding to AmeriCorps state programs in their states through annual grant competitions. In addition, the commissions manage, monitor and evaluate these AmeriCorps programs. Grants are made either directly to an organization or through an intermediary group that handles the distribution of grant funding. Visit our grants and funding opportunities section to learn more.

State Service Commissions are also charged with encouraging volunteering in their states, and they often administer special volunteer initiatives.

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When should you contact a CNCS State Office or a State Service Commission?

  • Contact your CNCS State Office if you would like more information about Senior Corps or AmeriCorps VISTA projects in your state.
  • Contact your State Service Commission if your organization is a single-state entity that wants to work with AmeriCorps. If you are a multi-state entity that wants to work with AmeriCorps, contact
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