A ‘Truly Magical’ Hive Of Activity In The Loop, Thanks To Urban Beekeepers

July 29, 2019
CBS Chicago (IL)

It’s an incredible view of bees like you’ve never seen before, high atop the CBS 2 Broadcast Center in the Loop, and it recently created a buzz for some Chicago teens. The hive on top of 22 W. Washington St. is one of more than 100 maintained in Chicago by Alveole, an urban beekeeping company. Most of those hives are in the Loop area. “Inside of one of these buildings, people have their tasks that are promoting the success of their organization,” Alveole team director Shelby Schulman said. “The bees are doing something really similar to that, just in a contained box that we can put on top of the roof.” Ty McClinton and other teens in the YouthBuild Lake County education and job training program visited the bee hive on top of the CBS 2 Broadcast Center.

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