Giving a helping hand, Couple battling Parkinson's credit Senior Companions for continued independence

September 17, 2019
Claremore Daily (Okla.)

They invited a representative of the Oklahoma Health Department to speak at their July meeting. While talking about available resources, she spoke about the Senior Companions program, which matches senior citizen volunteers with senior citizens in need help with errands, light chores or a friend to talk to.

“Most of them, like Floyd, said ‘Well, I don’t need that,’” Margaret said. “I was, of course, 93 years old and used to doing everything myself,” Floyd said. “I didn’t need someone else around to have to plan for.” As they listened, apprehension gave way to acceptance that there was a real need in their lives. So Floyd was introduced to his senior companion, Joe, a 70-year-old athlete and part-time business owner.

“The way the program works is we will take out a volunteer to the client’s home and we will introduce them,” said Senior Companions representative Jenny Allen. “We’ll see what needs they have, what days and hours work best, what their likes and dislikes are.”

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