Jim Koelliker

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Senior Corps RSVP
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Jim Koelliker

When asked about his time volunteering in the community, Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Jim Koelliker summed it up best, “There’s no better place to meet people, caring, happy people who lift me up.” Jim retired early in order to stay home and take care of his wife. He started volunteering because he was looking for flexible options away from home to keep moving. He loves to meet people and help fill a need.

Jim is a retired professor in Biological and Agriculture Engineering at Kansas State University. He was a founding member of the faculty committee that established the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Secondary Major in 1991. Jim first started working with the Konza Prairie Biological Station in 1978 as a researcher, and now he enjoys assisting with events and environmental programs with kids, and was a member of the Friends of the Konza Prairie board for six years.

During the past five years, Jim has been organizing and managing the parking lot and line of cars for the Harvesters Mobile Food Pantry each month. Jim has also spent the past nine years working with the VITA tax program in Junction City, and with state and national organizations related to his work in agriculture and engineering.

Jim has been a RSVP volunteer for four years.

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