Velma Osborn

Velma Osborn posing with Senior Corps banner
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Senior Corps RSVP
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Velma Osborn

Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Velma Osborn started volunteering in the 1950’s. She specifically remembers a day in 1953 when she volunteered at St. Mary’s Hospital. One of the Sisters approached Velma after noticing the wonderful work she was doing and asked if she was interested in adoption. That’s how Velma and her husband were able to adopt their first child - through volunteering. “I’ve been volunteering all of my life; I don’t know any different,” said Velma when asked what motivated her to volunteer. She is the definition of a lifelong volunteer; it runs in her blood and she enjoys her work.

Currently, Velma volunteers at Ascension Via Christi Hospital, assists with the American Red Cross bloodmobiles, and creates personal items for local agencies. She makes bathrobes for the Wounded Warriors, pillows for people in wheelchairs, fidget quilts for those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and more. Her items, especially the fidget quilts, have become popular throughout the area and have helped many individuals.

Velma has been a RSVP volunteer for 25 years and is 91 years young. She hopes future generations embrace volunteering as she has over the years. She enjoys the work, feels that it’s where she is needed, and appreciates the opportunity to socialize with fellow volunteers.

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