Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson shaking hands with military man
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Senior Corps RSVP
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Ray Thompson

In 1999, after recovering from a coma, Senior Corps RSVP Volunteer Clarence Ray Thompson decided to spend his time working for a soldier and his family. Ray, a retired Special Forces Soldier who served in the Vietnam War, has been volunteering with the Fort Riley American Red Cross and the Irwin Army Community Hospital for the past 20 years; earning respect, appreciation, and recognition along the way. In 2016, Ray was recognized with the Tribute to Heroes: Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Red Cross. While he displays several of his awards and keeps many more pieces of recognition on file in a briefcase, the Lifetime Achievement Award is his favorite moment.

Prior to his current role as Hospital Liaison, Ray had the opportunity to work in the medical ward for many years. While in the ward, he assisted hospital staff as best he could with paperwork, room changes, and any other task need to make things run smoothly. His leadership and passion for the hospital eventually led him to the front welcome desk and into the roll as Hospital Liaison. “My job is easy- I see people, I help people, and I sit at the help desk. I have 28 volunteers and no problems. I assist with emergencies as needed and I do my paperwork.”

Ray has been a RSVP volunteer for nearly 12 years.

Ray Thompson chatting with Senior Corps Director Deborah Cox Roush in 2019

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