Ken Kozloff

Ken Kozloff helps youth learn to swim with Adapted Aquatics
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Ken Kolzoff

Senior Corps volunteer Ken Kozloff doesn’t just enjoy leaving his comfort zone, he thrives on it. The 72-year-old Springfield, Va., resident had no experience working with special needs children, but it was something he always wanted to do. After he joined Senior Corps, Ken found an opportunity to do just that. As an RSVP volunteer, Ken teaches children with autistism how to swim. Ken recently expanded his RSVP volunteer service to help high school students become financially literate.  One day it occurred to him, why couldn’t the financial literacy curriculum be taught to special needs students as well? Ken worked with a teacher to adapt the curriculum so special needs students could access it too. Ken recently told new RSVP recruits, “What you get back [from volunteering] is like 20 times more than what you are giving.” He implored them to venture outside of their comfort zone.

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