Join AmeriCorps NCCC

Basic Qualifications 

Corps Member

  • Must be 18-24 years old
  • Must be a US. Citizen (required for FEMA Corps), or a Lawful Permanent Resident of the U.S.

Team Leader

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen (Required for FEMA Corps), or a Lawful Permanent Resident of the U.S.
  • Must have a valid U.S. Driver's License 


Core Expectations

  • Comply with the AmeriCorps NCCC Member Handbook
  • Participate in all required elements of the AmeriCorps NCCC program including:
    • Community service projects
    • AmeriCorps NCCC and sponsor delivered trainings
    • Project debriefs
    • Physical training
    • Any other mandatory events as determined by AmeriCorps NCCC staff
  • Refrain from the illegal use of alcohol and drugs (e.g. marijuana)
  • Submit to random drug testing
  • Promote your safety and the safety of your teammates
  • Serve in high stress environments

In addition to the above, you must be willing to serve on a team of 8-10 diverse individuals, share a living space that may offer little-to-no privacy, relocate to serve at the campus we assign you to, commit to 10 months of consecutive service, and be otherwise willing and able to serve in the program as it is structured.

Additional Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Motivate and Coordinate team of 18-24 year olds for the duration of the service term
  • Conduct regular team meetings
  • Conduct assessments to track member development
  • Oversee safety and general well-being of members
  • Monitor housing sites and encourage development of life skills
  • Facilitate and encourage service-learning
  • Uphold NCCC policy
  • Take disciplinary action when necessary
  • Manage budget for projects and adhere to all NCCC budget processes


Search and Apply to AmeriCorps NCCC

1. Search for an AmeriCorps NCCC Opportunity

Go to to find AmeriCorps NCCC & FEMA Corps opportunities that are currently accepting applications.

Search AmeriCorps NCCC Opportunities >

2. Create and Submit your Application

Apply to AmeriCorps NCCC year-round through the MyAmeriCorps Portal. Please read the below information or use our Visual Guide to NCCC Application to assist you in your application process. 

Create a Profile

Visit MyAmeriCorps and click “Apply to serve.” Once you have completed all required fields, an e-mail with a link to create a username and password will be sent to your inbox. Follow this link to complete your registration.  If you do not receive this email, you must call our National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677 to have it re-sent.

Create an Application

Log in to your MyAmeriCorps Portal profile and click "Applications," on the left-side menu. Click "Create an Application" and complete all sections. 

Submit your Application

On the MyAmeriCorps Portal click “Search Listings” and select "AmeriCorps NCCC" or "AmeriCorps NCCC Team Leader." Once you choose a listing, scroll to the bottom and click “Apply now.” 

PLEASE NOTE: there are significant differences between Traditional NCCC and FEMA Corps. If you are not sure which program you want to serve with, please visit NCCC and FEMA Corps Deployment Reports to get an idea of the work each service track does.

TIP: Application references do NOT need to be attached immediately, but must be attached to an application before you can submit.




After You Apply

1. Prepare for your Application Review

Once you submit your application, there are a few more steps to complete before you can be considered for service.

Eligibility Call (Corps Members Only)

Within 1 week of applying, you will receive an Acknowledgement Packet via e-mail and mailed to your “current mailing address” on your MyAmeriCorps profile. Please read the material and call the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677 to complete your eligibility call.

NOTE: In order for AmeriCorps NCCC to review your application, you must both complete this call and have 2 complete references attached to your application, one of which must be from a professional source.  If you do not, your application will not be reviewed and you will not be considered for a service position. If you have questions or concerns about this, please e-mail

Application Assessment (Corps Members Only)

Assessments measure your interest, motivation, flexibility, adaptability, collaboration and accountability. Such attributes are key to a successful AmeriCorps NCCC experience. Each application question on your MyAmeriCorps application is important, as well as the statements that your references provide.

If we require further information to complete your assessment, we may send an email to solicit additional references or to schedule an interview. The interview is an opportunity to collect information that we believe is missing from the application.

After your application is assessed, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know if you are qualified to be considered for a Corps Member invitation.

Application Assessment and Interview (Team Leaders Only)

Unlike Corps Members, Team Leaders do not need to complete an Eligibility call.  Instead, your application will be reviewed for completeness and passed on to AmeriCorps NCCC campus staff for further review, who will contact you directly if they wish to schedule an interview.  Not every applicant is guaranteed an interview and if you application is incomplete, you will not be considered.

During your interview, you will be asked about your interest in serving as a Field Team Leader or a Support Team Leader, which defines whether or not you would be assigned a team to go on projects, or act as support staff at the campus.  Once the final selections are made, you will be notified if you are being invited to serve as a Team Leader, you are being kept on a shortlist of “alternate” team leaders. You will also be notified if you are not selected.


2. Invitation to Serve

If you applied to be a Corps Member, you can receive a direct campus invitation or waitlist invitation after your application is assessed. If you applied to be a Team Leader, you will receive direct notification from a campus if you are selected.


Applicants are invited to a campus based on the strength of their application compared to other candidates until the allotted member slots are filled. Applicants who are not initially selected are offered waitlist positions.

As additional slots become available, waitlisted applicants who submit the required clearance paperwork are invited. These offers are sometimes extended with short notice – in some cases, only days before a campus start date. The number of selected waitlist applicants varies and is entirely dependent on the number of available slots. The quality of the application and the application submission date are considered when selecting waitlist applicants for service.

If you are on the waitlist and have not been selected, we encourage you to revisit and revise your application and reapply for future classes.

Campus Invitation

Congratulations! If you reached this stage, we have reserved a slot for you at one of our AmeriCorps NCCC or FEMA Corps campuses. There is still more to do—you must successfully complete the AmeriCorps NCCC legal and medical clearance paperwork and review.

Final placement is contingent on that, as well as the availability of sufficient funds to support the AmeriCorps NCCC program and all the associated member benefits.

Accept your Invitation

There are situations that come up where you’ve applied to multiple programs or terms and you’ve only heard back from one.

Once you accept an invitation in our online portal, all other applications will be withdrawn.  If you have questions about accepting a position without doing on the portal, please e-mail and our staff will work with you to keep your other applications open as long as possible.

You can withdraw or decline your application at any time during the application process with no penalty towards applying in the future.  You can do so on or by emailing us.

If you do not accept the invitation or contact us before the deadline you’re given, you will be disqualified.

Invitation Timeline

In an ideal situation, submitting your application, being assessed, and receiving an invitation should take no longer than two months.  However, failure to complete certain steps in your application will cause delay or remove you from consideration all together.

If you have not heard back from us in a while, email and we will let you know exactly what you’re waiting for, or what steps are required from you to continue with your application.


3. I Was Invited, Now What?

In order to secure your position, you must complete the AmeriCorps NCCC medical and legal clearances. The clearance process begins only when you receive a campus or waitlist invitation, and will be mailed within 1 week of being notified.  If you are overseas or otherwise unable to receive mail, please e-mail to explore a solution.

Medical Clearance

When you are invited to serve, you must complete the AmeriCorps NCCC Medical History form. Forms are carefully reviewed and individually processed. A licensed medical professional may contact you or your medical provider to gather more information. AmeriCorps NCCC strives to accommodate individual needs and ensure the safety of each member.

Legal Clearance

When you are invited to serve, you will be required to complete a fingerprint card so that we can process and produce your criminal history check – regardless to whether you apply to our Traditional Corps or FEMA Corps. Any applicant convicted of murder or listed on the National Sex Offender Public Website is prohibited from service in AmeriCorps NCCC. All other convictions are evaluated by AmeriCorps NCCC staff.

FEMA Corps Clearance

FEMA Corps applicants undergo additional screening conducted by FEMA. This process is separate from the AmeriCorps NCCC legal and medical clearance processes outlined above. FEMA security conducts an initial pre-screening background investigation and a credit history check. Once you pass FEMA’s pre-clearance process (in addition to the AmeriCorps NCCC Medical and Legal Clearances) you will be allowed arrive on campus.  FEMA will then a complete federal background investigation that continues into your service term. FEMA reserves the right to terminate your service if you are found unsuitable during this background investigation.


4. Welcome Packet and Packing List

Once you are invited to serve and after you complete the clearance process, it is time to prepare for service! In most cases, if you are cleared for service, you will receive a Welcome Packet via email, within two months of your start date. In addition to issued uniforms and gear, you need to bring items with you. 

Required Documents and Information

  • Valid, government-issued photo ID
    • You must bring a Driver’s license, U.S. passport or state-issued photo ID card and it must be valid through the end of your scheduled service term.
  • Personal checking account
    • Your Bi-weekly living allowance can only be deposited directly into a bank account under your name. If you do not have a bank account, you can sign up for one once you arrive on campus.
  • Valid state driver’s license and a current copy of driving record (optional)
    • This is only required if you are interested in driving the AmeriCorps NCCC vans.
    • Your records can be obtained from the department of motor vehicles in your home state.
  • Copy of High School transcript (optional)
    • If you are interested in working towards a high school diploma or GED during the service term, NCCC staff can work with you to help you reach these goals.

Suggested Personal Items

  • Clothing and Footwear:
    • White, grey or black long-sleeved, plain shirts to wear under uniform on cold days
    • Shoes: athletic, hiking, casual, dress (must be closed- toe and closed-heel to wear with uniform), when work boots are not required
    • Pants, jeans, shorts
    • Shirts, sweaters
    • Personal undergarments (including sports bras for females)
    • Jacket/winter coat, gloves, hat (NCCC provides a winter parka)
    • Workout clothes (up to 5 days/week in training, 3 days/week during the rest of the year)
    • Socks: athletic, casual, dress, and thick socks to wear in steel-toed work boots
    • Flip flops (potential for communal shower arrangements)
  • Other:
    • Medications – Recommend bringing 3 months of prescription medication (it is your responsibility to obtain prescription refills)
    • Personal toiletries – deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, shaving cream, razor, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Eyewear – sunglasses, glasses, contacts, contact solution (contacts are not covered under the AmeriCorps health plan)
    • Towel and washcloth
    • Water bottle (highly recommended)
    • Soft or collapsible laundry hamper
    • Cell phone with charger
    • Writing utensils and notebook
    • Backpack to carry items day-to-day, like water bottle and jacket
    • Lamp, flashlight or headlamp (NCCC has flashlights available, but not headlamps)
    • Bedding for use in dorm beds (twin XL beds) – sheets, blankets and pillow.  Note: NCCC will issue a sleeping bag; many members choose to use this throughout the program instead of bringing linens on projects.
  • PLEASE NOTE: A campus may request members to bring additional items, not listed

Prohibited Items

  • Desktop computers or other Large electronic equipment  (laptops and tablets are OK)
  • Weapons (knives, guns, BB guns or any other weapon)
  • Pets
  • Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs (including paraphernalia)
  • Items with a heating element (i.e. hot plates, electric blankets, microwaves, coffee pots, candles/incense and space heaters)




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