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North Central NCCC Campus Video


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The North Central Region supports service projects in 15 states: Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Vermont.



Members live in dorm rooms while on campus for training, transition weeks, closure and if they have a local project. You will be assigned to a room in one of our dorms that will serve as your "home base" during your term of service with the North Central Region campus. The dormitories are co-ed, with usually three to five people living in each room divided by gender. There are gender-based communal bathrooms on each floor. Roommate assignments are made shortly before your arrival on campus, so you can meet your roommate(s) when you get here. A typical room has bunk beds, closet space, drawers and desks. There are lounges with cable television, a pool table, two computer labs, WiFi access, and outdoor space for relaxing.

Team leaders are housed together, usually two per room by gender. Team Leaders have their own lounge with WiFi access and television for relaxing.


North Central Region Campus Amenities

  • Multiple Dorms for Living

  • Acres of Lush Green Space

  • Full Kitchen

  • Washers and Dryers on Site

  • Outdoor or Indoor Swimming Pool

  • Recreation Fields, Free Sports, & Recreation Equipment Available for Check Out

  • Cable TV

  • Campus Wide WIFI



Our teams work with a diverse array of nonprofits, local and federal government agencies, faith-based organizations, tribal organizations, and more across the U.S. See what they have to say about the members they’ve encountered.

  • ‘...The team... that came to work with us were absolutely incredible and not only completed every single aspect of the original proposal, they did so at a level that far exceeded any expectations we may have had. What an amazing program and what a wonderful opportunity for those that are chosen to participate in it (members and sponsors alike)!’

    -Joshua Davis, Assistant Camp Director
    College Settlement, Horsham, PA

  • ‘[Our NCCC team] provided critical support to Tahquamenon Falls State Park’s River trail improvement plan... They were a pleasure to work with and added an element of diverse culture to the workplace, which benefited everyone employed at Tahquamenon Falls State Park.’

    -Kevin R. Davis
    Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Paradise, MI

  • ‘Working with the NCCC and its teams has led to scores of senior citizens, people with disabilities and other homeowners gaining needed home repairs in our county. This has greatly improved their quality of life. We are thrilled to be selected to host NCCC teams as the young adults share their positive spirit and strong work ethic.’

    -Jeffrey Diver, Executive Director
    Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families, Hamilton, OH

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