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Southwest Region map

The Southwest Region supports service projects in 9 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.



Corps Members live in dorm rooms while on campus for training and transition weeks.  The layout and amenities of each dorm room differs, but members can expect to have one XL twin mattress and a storage locker. There are no lamps, desks, or bathroom facilities in the dorm rooms; shared bathrooms are at the end of the hall.  The rooms in one residential building house 2-4 members per room while rooms in the other building house 10-28 members per room.  All roommates in both buildings are of the same gender.  Team Leaders live in a different part of campus than Corps Members and share a room with one other person.


Southwest Region Campus Amenities

  • Multiple Dorms for Living

  • Full Kitchen

  • Washers and Dryers on Site

  • Recreation Fields, Free Sports, & Recreation Equipment Available for Check Out

  • Campus Wide WIFI

Southwest Region Campus Photos



Our teams work with a diverse array of nonprofits, local and federal government agencies, faith-based organizations, and more across the U.S. See what they have to say about the members they’ve encountered.

  • "The impact the team made on our community was tremendous. We have received so much great feedback from community members, event organizers, and local government. After having [the team] here, I believe that there is a better understanding in our community as to what AmeriCorps is."

    -Jessica Buchholz
    Emporia Main Street | Kansas

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