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Are you an educator, counselor, youth development coach, parent, or mentor?  As a community leader, you have the ability to make a difference in the lives of the young adults in your network.  A term of service in AmeriCorps NCCC can be a great next step in their professional development. We need you to help spread the word about AmeriCorps NCCC opportunities. Scroll down to learn more.

What is AmeriCorps NCCC?

NCCC is a service program for young adults of all backgrounds. It begins with free room and board, travel, and skill-building, and the benefits continue long after the program is over with an alumni network and career resources.

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At a Glance

  • AmeriCorps NCCC is a team-based, full-time service program
  • Serve for 10-12 months
  • Must be 18-26* years old
  • No minimum education requirement for service
  • Two intensive program options


  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Travel the country
  • Earn an Education Award
  • Build resume through service

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Understanding the Options

AmeriCorps NCCC offers two unique paths to service: Traditional Corps and FEMA Corps. Both paths include a Corps Member position (for 18-26* year olds) and a Team Leader position (for individuals 18 and up who possess leadership experience).


Traditional Corps teams partner with local and national organizations to complete hands-on projects in a designated region of the country.

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FEMA Corps

FEMA Corps Teams serve nationally under FEMA direction to complete administrative projects related to disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

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*The CARES Act, passed by Congress in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, increased the upper age limit for participation as an AmeriCorps NCCC Corps Member to 26 years old. Under the CARES Act, Section 3514(d), the upper age limit for AmeriCorps NCCC members is 26.  AmeriCorps NCCC applies the upper age limit at the time a member arrives on campus and is activated as a member. That means individuals must be on campus and activated as members for at least one day before turning 27. The 26-year upper age limit will remain in effect until further notice.


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  • ‘[My daughter] went into AmeriCorps NCCC as a sheltered, suburban 18 year old. She came out with a new, broad view of our country and its people. She gained some awesome construction skills, too!’

    Parent of NCCC Alum

  • ‘NCCC was, according to my son, the best 10 months of his life. I saw my son mature and blossom, learning how to live away from home,  create lifelong relationships with his team members, acquire useful skills, and GET THINGS DONE!’

    Parent of NCCC Alum

  • ‘My daughter... joined Americorps NCCC as a gap year because she was unsure of what direction she wanted to take after high school. What an amazing experience to meet other... service-oriented young people and get to see parts of the United States she might not have otherwise. It is long days filled with hard and dirty work and she loves every bit of it... I know that community service will be a large part of her life because of this experience.’

    Parent of NCCC Member

  • ‘...AmeriCorps [NCCC] challenged my daughter and gave her a great foundation for life... She learned leadership skills and many other life skills. I am so proud of my daughter and grateful for a program like NCCC!’

    Parent of NCCC Alum

  • ‘I was so proud of [my daughter] when she decided to join [AmeriCorps NCCC]. It has been a gift to watch my daughter grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually over the time she has been a part of [AmeriCorps NCCC].’

    Parent of NCCC Member

  • ‘I can’t say enough about the amazing experience had by my son. He gained so many life skills and had amazing experiences! He will treasure the memories forever!’

    Parent of NCCC Alum

  • ‘[My daughter] has had the opportunity to travel across the country, meet young adults from other states, and form a team that must work together in order to inform and help others. It has been instrumental in strengthening an already strong work ethic, reinforcing the commitment to assist others and an insight into what the future may hold...’

    Parent of NCCC Member

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