AmeriCorps Week Resources

What You Can Do

Grantees/Sponsors/State Commissions

  • Show your pride and let others know about the work you do by hosting an “AmeriCorps Member for a Day” event. Invite local celebrities, community leaders, or elected officials to take the AmeriCorps Pledge; give them some AmeriCorps gear, and have them set out on a day of service. Be sure to capture it in action (via photo or video) and post about it on your social media account(s) so we can highlight it on ours.
  • Host a photo contest on #DayoftheA, Wednesday, March 13, to encourage AmeriCorps members throughout your state or in your program to post creative pictures of themselves showcasing the “A” on social media.
  • Ask your Governor or other elected officials to thank your members/alumni by issuing a proclamation. Share a link to the proclamation on social media.

AmeriCorps Members/Alumni

  • Use the #MadeInAmeriCorps hashtag to tell your AmeriCorps story on social media.
  • Share your program pride and take pictures of yourself and fellow members/alumni in front of your sponsor organization. On Wednesday, March 13, be sure to tag #DayoftheA and our social media accounts (listed below) in your photos so we can share them across our channels.


Social Media Tips

Shareable Graphics

We have graphics for you can share on social media. Simply go to the link below to download and share them on your channels. 


Follow Us on Social Media

We’ll be celebrating AmeriCorps members with stories, videos, and snapshots all week. And, make sure you follow our accounts and share our content.

Facebook Twitter: @AmeriCorps Instagram: @NationalService

Messaging and Hashtags

Made In AmeriCorps

What is your favorite memory from AmeriCorps? How has service changed your life or your community? Share your AmeriCorps story and include the hashtag #MadeInAmeriCorps. Here’s some sample language:

Programs/State Commissions
This @AmeriCorps Week, we’re happy to honor all our remarkable AmeriCorps members and alums whose strong commitment to [service/eradicating poverty/improving literacy, etc.] benefits our [community/state] and our entire nation in so many ways. #MadeInAmeriCorps

AmeriCorps Members/Alumni

  • I’m currently an @AmeriCorps member with ____________, and I’m gaining so many valuable skills that I hope to use in the future as a ____________.
  • ____________ years ago, I joined @AmeriCorps and helped ____________. Now I’m using the skills I learned there to ____________. #MadeInAmeriCorps
  • I’m proud of the positive impact I had on the community while serving in @AmeriCorps. It was a beneficial experience that helped shape my career as a ____________. #MadeInAmeriCorps

Day of the A

Show your spirit on Wednesday, March 13, by posting photos of the AmeriCorps “A” along with the hashtag #DayoftheA. Find your old hoodie, find an AmeriFriend, and get creative. Here are a few examples from last year to help inspire you: Facebook Album.

Programs/State Commissions

  • It’s #DayoftheA! Show your @AmeriCorps pride by rocking AmeriCorps gear! Make sure you bring your “A” game!
  • Here’s our awesome @AmeriCorps member, ____________, serving with ____________ while sporting her AmeriCorps gear! #DayoftheA!

AmeriCorps Members/Alumni

  • Happy #DayoftheA! I’m proud to be an [@AmeriCorps/@AmeriCorpsVISTA] [member/alum] and show off my “A” today!


Planning an Event?

Throughout the week, we will highlight your photos and events on our social media channels. Keep us in the loop by submitting your event information here. This will help us prepare what we will feature on our channels and identify press-worthy events. The Office of External Affairs will contact you directly if there is interest in getting media, special guests, or elected officials to your event.

Register Your Event >

Remember to include the #MadeInAmeriCorps and #DayoftheA when you post photos that you’d like us to share on our social media and Flickr page. You can also send photos directly to; include a brief caption describing the scene and name of people pictured. Contact the same e-mail address to let us know if there are additional materials that would be helpful in making it a successful AmeriCorps Week for you.



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