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Northeastern University is proud to offer The Full Circle Scholarship to graduate applicants who have completed a term of service with AmeriCorps.Because you chose to do something different and embark on a service-driven path, you gained new skills and valuable knowledge. The Full Circle Scholarship is designed to make sure you can continue your journey and stay inspired.

The scholarship applies to a diverse mix of graduate programs including fields such as Government and Civic Engagement, Leadership and Management, Education, Healthcare, and Technology. These programs are available online as well as on ground at our Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, and Silicon Valley campuses(on ground program availability varies by location).

The total scholarship amount will depend on the program you are interested in as costs vary by program, but the 25% tuition discount is applicable for the entire duration of your program. In addition, if you have other scholarships or education awards from organizations (ex: Segal AmeriCorps Education Award), you can apply those to your program costs as well.

Please visit our website to learn more as well as to see a list of applicable programs.

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