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New Profit Inc. is supporting six subgrantees to scale and evaluate their programs nation-wide through their SIF-invested Pathways Fund. Focused on youth ages 12 to 24, the goal of the Pathways Fund is to: increase high school graduation and GED attainment, increase college enrollment, increase college credit accumulation rates, and achieve living wage employment.

Grantee Information
Federal Awards: 
$5 million in 2010 $5 million in 2011 $5 million in 2012 $10 million over two years (2013-2014)
Focus Area: 
Youth Development
Geographic Focus: 
State of California, state of Connecticut; state of Missouri; state of South Caroline; state of West Virginia; Denver, CO; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; New Orleans, LA; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; St. Paul, MN; Charlotte, NC; New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Providence, RI; and Seattle, WA.
Collaborating Partners: 
Blue Ridge Foundation New York; Robin Hood Foundation; SeaChange Capital Partners; Open Society Institute
Collaborating Funders: 
Blue Ridge Foundation New York, Carnegie Corporation of New York, JP Morgan Chase & Co., the Kresge Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Robin Hood Foundation, SeaChange Capital Partners, and State Street Foundation

New Profit, Inc. and its collaborative partners have implemented the Pathways Fund, a vehicle to select and invest in a portfolio of our nation’s most promising social innovations focused on transitioning low-income youth from high school to post-secondary education and productive employment. These organizations will deepen their impact in existing locations and collectively replicate to several new cities over the five year course of the SIF grant. 

Track Record before Social Innovation Fund Grant:

  • New Profit Inc. has over 11 years of experience investing in effective innovative nonprofit organizations focused on a diverse set of issue areas. New Profit helps its grantees build and create well-defined plans to achieve measurable program outcomes, evaluate program effectiveness, improve performance, and replicate, aiming to help organizations move from preliminary evidence to moderate and strong evidence over the course of its grants. Currently, New Profit's U.S.-based grantees operate programs 163 cities in 41 states and the District of Columbia.
  • New Profit Inc. works closely with its portfolio organizations to improve their results on the ground and expand the reach of their programs into new communities. Among the organizations in New Profit’s portfolio are Teach For America, KIPP, Citizen Schools, and Jumpstart.In 2009, organizations in New Profit's portfolio achieved a 35% compounded annual growth in revenue and a 40% compounded annual growth in beneficiaries served.
  • New Profit Inc. has a track record of success in moving organizations toward stronger evidence. New Profit typically seeks early-stage organizations with developing program models that have a track record of promising data and are committed to the use of data collection and evaluation for program improvement. Toward the end of New Profit's initial four-year investment, organizations typically have an established program model and are ready to engage in third-party impact evaluation. Organizations that have moved toward stronger evidence include BELL, KIPP, New Leaders for New Schools, and Computers for Youth.


  • New Profit’s six subgrantees have served a cumulative total of over 194,000 youth over baseline in their five years of program implementation.  Outcomes for these youth are being tracked through the evaluation studies.
  • Subgrantees have developed 6 rigorous evaluation plans which have been approved by CNCS and are in implementation. These studies will assess the impact programs are having on youth beneficiaries and provide valuable information about implementing similar programs.
  • New Profit continues to work with Research for Action to complete their portfolio evaluation.

Nonprofits Receiving Social Innovation Fund Awards from New Profit Inc.

College SummitSingle Stop USA
iMentorYear Up
National College Advising CorpsYouthBuild USA

College Summit
Washington, DC
Award Amount: $1,750,000

College Summit partners with low-income school districts to create a culture where students see going to college as an attainable alternative to dropping out of high school. The program trains teachers and staff to help students successfully work through the college admission process, identifies influential students to generate excitement about going to college, and provides immediate feedback on student performance through rigorous data collection and analysis.

A recent evaluation study found that the college enrollment rate of students participating in the College Summit program is 20 percent higher, on average, than the baseline rate of their peers. Through the Pathways grant, College Summit will help 2,500 more students matriculate to college.

New York, NY
Award Amount: $1,100,000

iMentor improves the lives of young people from underserved communities through innovative, technology-based approaches to mentoring. iMentor consists of two programs: iMentor NYC and iMentor Interactive. iMentor NYC is a direct service, high school-based mentoring program serving 1,700 pairs. iMentor NYC matches mentors—100 percent of whom hold bachelor’s degrees—with young people who are most in need of role models. By facilitating personal, career, and academic development, relationships with mentors are effectively changing the trajectory of mentees’ lives. Utilizing knowledge gained through the New York program, iMentor also runs a social enterprise called iMentor Interactive to assist other organizations looking to start or improve their mentoring program. Through the Pathways grant, iMentor will help drive the development of 1,000 more students towards high school graduation and college enrollment.

National College Advising Corps
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Award Amount: $1,500,000

The National College Advising Corps (Advising Corps) aims to increase the number of low-income, first generation, and underrepresented students entering and completing higher education. The program hires and trains recent college graduates to serve as full-time college advisors in underserved high schools where they help students with the college admissions process. Too many highly motivated, talented high school students in at-risk communities end up without the skills necessary to get a good job because they didn’t have the guidance to complete the college application process. The Advising Corps is changing that, giving these students a shot at the American dream through access to college. The program demonstrates an 8-12 percent increase in college matriculation rates in the schools that it serves. Through the Pathways grant, the Advising Corps will guide 15,000 students on the path to college success. The Advising Corps will serve students in Chapel Hill, NC; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Providence, RI; San Francisco, CA; and St. Louis, MO.

Single Stop USA
NY, New York
Award Amount: $1,100,000

Single Stop is designed to help low-income, high need students stay in college and gain the skills they need to independently support themselves and their families. The program provides at-risk students with access to financial resources and additional services, helping lessen the burden of non-academic pressures like childcare, lack of adequate housing, or health insurance. Single Stop offices are embedded in the financial and student services of community college systems, enabling easy access to its program. Through Single Stop's Community College Outreach program, Single Stop is keeping students enrolled in school, driving college credit accumulation, and ultimately increasing their lifetime earnings. Single Stop's services have shown to substantially lower the drop out rate from community colleges. For example, Single Stop participants in New Jersey have a 36 percent drop out rate as compared to a 62 percent and 52 percent dropout rate for part-time and full-time students, respectively. Through the Pathways grant, Single Stop will enable 4,400 students to get the resources they need to complete college. Single Stop will serve students in Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA, plus additional sites to be determined.

Year Up
Boston, MA
Award Amount: $2,250,000 grant

Year Up targets the 4.3 million 18 to 24 year olds that don’t have a job and are not in college, putting them instead on a path to economic independence and professional success. Year Up is an intensive, one year training program that provides education, experience, support, and guidance to improve job readiness and higher education credentials. The program not only fosters communications, teamwork, problem solving, and leadership skills, but also places participants in internships that provide real world professional experience while building up participant resumes. Upon graduation from the program, participants have completed the equivalent of five college classes. The program is remarkably successful, with 85 percent of participants finding work that leads to independence within four months of graduation and nearly half of graduates going on to college. Through the Pathways grant, Year Up will increase economic opportunity for 1,288 more young adults.

YouthBuild USA
Somerville, MA
Award Amount: $1,100,000

YouthBuild’s new post-secondary education initiative (PSE) supports at-risk youth during the transition from high school to and through college to productive employment. This new initiative builds on the innovative culture and programs that have made YouthBuild a leader in working with at risk youth for over two decades. Through the program, YouthBuild partners with colleges to support at-risk youth, helping them apply, enroll, and complete two and four year degrees. By building a creative program to work with students and higher education institutions, YouthBuild is making sure that students have the financial resources they need to stay in school, the habits that will make them successful in the classroom, and the curricula that will teach them what they need to know to succeed when they graduate. YouthBuild's PSE initiative has shown increases in college enrollment rates, with increases demonstrated in the college enrollment rates from 20 percent to 29 percent in year one to 38 percent in year two. All told, through the Pathways grant, YouthBuild will help 480 more students graduate from college. YouthBuild will serve students in Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Providence, RI; St. Paul, MN.

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