Required Annual NSCHC eCourse

This online course provides an overview of the National Service Criminal History Check requirements. The interactive, practical course will help you understand how to meet the requirements on time, every time. It is required for CNCS grantees and subgrantees annually. You must complete the course each year before the day your certificate from the previous year expires. Grantees and subgrantees must maintain copies of dated completion certificates for each grant year.


As of December 15, 2017, the online course has moved to CNCS's Learning Management System, Litmos.

Access Litmos here to take the eCourse

If you already have a Litmos account, the link above should take you directly to the course. If you do not have an account, you will be directed to a log-in page. Instructions for requesting Litmos account access can be found on the log-in page.


  • Grant recipients that either 1) have covered positions for which an NSCHC is required or 2) are responsible for monitoring other organizations’ NSCHC compliance must make sure that the appropriate staff complete the required training.
    • If the prime recipient centralizes the NSCHC process (meaning any subrecipient organizations do not independently conduct the NSCHC), then only the prime recipient staff is required to complete the NSCHC ecourse.
  • All organizations, described in above, must have at least one person take the NSCHC training each year.
    • Although only one person per grant is required to take this training, CNCS strongly recommends making sure at least two people in every organization take the training, in order to limit the risk of noncompliance in case of unexpected absences or staff turnover.
    • Organizations with multiple grants from CNCS must have one person per grant take the training, unless a single person is responsible for managing the NSCHC requirements across all grants.
  • The designated staff must take the training every calendar year and must maintain all certificates as grant records.
    • The organization must make sure that at least one person on staff always has an up-to-date certification from the e-course, continuously from the time that the first designated person at the organization successfully completes the training.
    • For example, if an individual in an organization first completes the e-course on June 1, 2017, either that same individual or another, appropriately designated, individual in the organization must complete the e-course again no later than May 31, 2018.
    • Organizations must keep this certificate to document compliance with the requirement for annual training and continuous certification. You must maintain all of the annual certificates as grant records, and store all of them with your organization’s other NSCHC documentation.
    • Organizations must make sure their policies and procedures designate appropriate staff to complete the course.


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