Checklists for New AmeriCorps Programs

Checklists for New AmeriCorps Grantees, New Staff of AmeriCorps Programs, New AmeriCorps Subgrantees

Get up to speed quickly on what you need to do first and who you need to meet to start your new job or new AmeriCorps program.

Organizations that operate AmeriCorps State or National programs have to be familiar with and understand many grant requirements. Often times upon beginning a job with an AmeriCorps grant, staff “may not know what they don’t know.” The checklists below minimize the learning curve for understanding grant requirements. Each checklist covers four important areas: 

  1. Program development and management  
  2. Finance and grants management 
  3. Member development and support 
  4. Community and site partnerships

Both new programs and existing programs with new staff have the same requirements and need to review the same elements. However, new programs need to work on developing and implementing some elements from scratch. The checklists below have been customized to fit your situation, whether you are a new program, an existing program with new staff, or a new subgrantee.

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