Education Focus Area: Instrument Packets for Pilot Year 1

The Education Focus Area refers to unmet educational needs within communities, especially those that help children and youth achieve success in school and prevent them from dropping out. This focus area also includes measures for Teacher Corps, where AmeriCorps members are serving as teachers.
Each packet consists of one or more national performance measures and includes:
  • Description of the national performance measure(s) covered by the packet
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Considerations for measuring the national performance measure(s)
  • Data collection challenges and strategies
  • Data collection instrument(s)
  • Instructions for using the instrument(s)

All packets are compatible with Adobe Reader.

ED1. Number of students who start in an AmeriCorps education program. 
ED2. Number of students who complete participation in an AmeriCorps education program.
ED3. Number of disadvantaged youth/mentor matches that are commenced by the AmeriCorps program. 
ED4. Number of disadvantaged youth/mentor matches that were sustained by the AmeriCorps program for at least the required time period.
ED5. Number of students with improved academic performance.
ED6. Number of youth who have improved their school attendance over the course of the AmeriCorps program's involvement with the student. 
ED7. Number of students who have not been suspended over the course of the AmeriCorps program's involvement.
ED8. Number of youth with decreased substance abuse, arrest, or gang involvement.
ED9. Number of students graduating from high school. 
ED10. Number of students entering post-secondary institutions.
ED11. Number of students earning a post-secondary degree.
ED12. Number of AmeriCorps members who begin serving as teachers through a Teacher Corps program. 
ED13. Number of AmeriCorps members who completed serving as teachers through a Teacher Corps program. 
ED14. Number of individuals teaching in high need public schools. 
ED16. Number of individuals teaching in public schools in the year after term of service. 
ED17. Number of teachers remaining in the education field, but not teaching in a public school (teaching in a private school serving a predominantly low-income community, school support staff, school administration, district administration policy, education non-profits, etc.) after their term of service. 
ED18. (OPTIONAL) Number of teachers who have had a positive impact on student learning as determined by observation-based assessments of teacher performance. 
ED19. (OPTIONAL) Number of individuals receiving certification to teach in public schools after their term of service.
Note that Teacher Corps Programs must also track Education Outputs ED1 and ED2 (PDF).
ED15. Number of students in AmeriCorps teacher classrooms with improved academic performance.
If you have questions regarding these national measures, please contact your program officer. 
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