Environment Stewardship Focus Area: Instrument Packets for Pilot Year 1

The Environment Stewardship Focus Area refers to unmet energy-efficiency needs and environmental needs within communities.

There are five packets in the Environment Stewardship Focus Area. Each packet consists of one or more national performance measures and includes:

  • Description of the national performance measure(s) covered by the packet
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Considerations for measuring the national performance measure(s)
  • Data collection challenges and strategies
  • Data collection instrument(s)
  • Instructions for using the instrument(s)

One packet includes an aligned output and outcome. Four packets include outputs only. Remember to choose an intermediate outcome that aligns with each output and supports your service activity.

All packets are compatible with Adobe Reader.

Clean Energy/Environment Output EN1 and Outcome EN7 (PDF) 
EN1. Number of housing units of low-income households and structures weatherized or retrofitted to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. 
EN7. Annual energy usage reduction for housing units and structures from weatherizing and retrofitting (in units).

Clean Energy/Environment Output EN2 (PDF)
EN2. Number of low-income households home and public building energy audits conducted.

Clean Energy/Environment Output EN3 (PDF)
EN3. Number of students and youth receiving education or training in energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious practices, including but not limited to sustainable energy and other natural resources, and sustainable agriculture.

Clean Energy/Environment Outputs EN4 and EN5 (PDF)
EN4. Number of acres of national parks, state parks, city parks, county parks, or other public lands and tribal communities that are cleaned or improved. 
EN5. Number of miles of trails or rivers (owned/maintained by national, state, county, city governments or tribal communities) that are cleaned, improved, and/or created.

Clean Energy/Environment Output EN6 (PDF)
EN6. Number of tons of materials collected and recycled.

If you have questions regarding these national measures, please contact your program officer. 
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