Pilot Year 2 (program year 2011-2012): National Performance Measures for AmeriCorps State and National Programs

Note: Information on this page is subject to change. Applicants should always refer to the performance measure instructions published with the NOFO. Grantees should refer to the performance measure instructions for the grant year in which they were funded.

Also available: Pilot Year 1 (program year 2010-2011): National Performance Measures for AmeriCorps State and National Programs

The mission of the Corporation for National and Community Service (the Corporation) is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. The Corporation’s funding priorities are projects that address compelling, unmet needs in six national service focus areas: Education, Healthy Futures, Economic Opportunities, Environmental Stewardship, Veterans and Military Families, and Disaster Services. In December 2009, the Corporation released national performance measures within these focus areas in order to aggregate the results of similar programs and demonstrate the impact of AmeriCorps services. FY 2012 is the second pilot year for measuring these national measures.

Below are links to detailed background information and Frequently Asked Questions on the national performance measures:

Detailed Background Information on National Performance Measures

FAQs on National Performance Measures (PDF)

Instructions for Entering Performance Measures in eGrants
Follow these instructions (the same information is provided in different formats) to enter your performance measures in eGrants (national performance measures and applicant-determined performance measures):

National Performance Measure Instrument Packets

If you are participating in the pilot, you are required to measure the indicator that is stated in the Detailed Background Information (PDF). You are encouraged to review the following instrument packets. They include important information about the kinds of data you should be collecting to appropriately track and report on the measures. These packets also provide sample instruments you can modify for your use and suggested data collection techniques. Some packets include instruments for an aligned national output measure and national outcome measure; other packets include national output measures only and require you to identify your outcome. Each packet can provide information for one indicator to as many as seven indicators. Below are links to the Corporation Focus Areas; click on the appropriate link to view the instrument packets for the national performance measures:

Education Focus Area
The Education Focus Area refers to unmet educational needs within communities, especially those that help disadvantaged children and youth to achieve success in school and prevent them from dropping out.

Healthy Futures Focus Area
The Healthy Futures Focus Area refers to unmet health needs within communities including access to health care, disease prevention and health promotion initiatives, and health literacy.

Economic Opportunity Focus Area
The Economic Opportunity Focus Area refers to unmet needs relating to economic opportunities for economically disadvantaged individuals including financial literacy, housing assistance, job training, and nutritional assistance. This focus area also includes indicators relating to creating greater opportunities for AmeriCorps members.

Environmental Stewardship Focus Area
The Environmental Stewardship Focus Area refers to unmet energy-efficiency and environmental needs within communities.

Veterans and Military Family Focus Area
Veterans and Military Families Focus Area refers to unmet needs of veterans, members of the Armed Forces who are on active duty, those that are honorably discharged, and family members of deployed military personnel.

Disaster Services Focus Area
Disaster Services Focus Area refers to the preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts that address natural disasters or emergency response. There are no national performance measures for this focus area for pilot year 2.

NOTE: You are required to measure an aligned output and outcome. Most of the national measures are outputs. A few of the national measures include an output and outcome. In cases where there is only a national output measure, you will be required to identify and measure an outcome indicator specific for your program’s service activity. The instrument packets can help you think about how to create an appropriate set of aligned performance measures.

If you have questions regarding these national measures, please contact your program officer. 
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