Veterans and Military Families Focus Area: Instrument Packets for Pilot Year 1

The Veterans and Military Families Focus Area refers to unmet needs of veterans, members of the Armed Forces who are on active duty, those that are honorably discharged, and family members of deployed military personnel.

There are six packets in the Veterans and Military Families Focus Area. Each packet consists of one or more national performance measures and includes:

  • Description of the national performance measure(s) covered by the packet
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Considerations for measuring the national performance measure(s)
  • Data collection challenges and strategies
  • Data collection instrument(s)
  • Instructions for using the instrument(s)

All six packets address national output measures. Remember, you are required to choose and measure an intermediate outcome that aligns with the output you select and that supports your service activity.

All packets are compatible with Adobe Reader.

Veterans Output V1 (PDF)
V1. Number of veterans receiving services and assistance, including veterans with disabilities, veterans who are unemployed, older veterans, and veterans in rural communities.

Veterans Output V2 (PDF)
V2. Number of veterans engaged in service opportunities (other than mentoring).

Veterans Outputs V3 and V4 (PDF)
V3. Number of veterans assisted in pursuing educational opportunities. 
V4. Number of veterans assisted in receiving professional certification, licensure, or credentials.

Veterans Output V5 (PDF)
V5. Number of veterans engaged in mentoring relationships with economically disadvantaged students.

Veterans Output V6 (PDF)
V6. Number of housing units developed, repaired, or otherwise made available for veterans.

Veterans Output V7 (PDF)
V7. Number of military families receiving services and assistance.

If you have questions regarding these national measures, please contact your program officer. 


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