MyAmeriCorps Support for AmeriCorps State Commissions and Sub-grantees (eGrants)

Welcome to the MyAmeriCorps training and technical assistance page for AmeriCorps State Commissions and Sub-grantees!

On this page, you will find tutorials and other resources that will guide you through using the functions of MyAmeriCorps. Tutorials offer flexibility and quick references: users can access them at their convenience and "jump" to specific agenda items.

You can also download the PowerPoint presentations that are used in the tutorials. State commission staff and sub-grantees may use these resources to develop their own training.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF): Please click on the link to get a list of the FAQs. This list will be updated periodically.

To play a tutorial, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. If you do not, you can download Adobe Flash Player, which is free software. Please note that you may need assistance from your IT administrator to download this file. To download, click here

List of tutorials:

Please note that eGrants and My AmeriCorps technical assistance and the eGrants Coaching Unit have been consolidated. For assistance please contact the CNCS Help Desk: 1.800.942.2677

Tutorials are available online at your convenience. Tutorials are flexible and allow users to "jump" to any subject heading or to an exact agenda item. Open the tutorial and click on the specific item on the Agenda slide or use the Agenda button.

MyAmeriCorps Overview

This is all about what you need to know before accessing the system. A must watch for those either new to the system or transitioning from a previous system.

Create and Manage an eGrants Account

You must have an eGrants account in order to access MyAmeriCorps. View this session if you don’t have an eGrants account.

User Roles and Management – Understanding and Planning (Part I)

Join this session or watch the tutorial to understand the user roles and access levels – what you can and cannot do. It will also provide some important considerations for system usage.

User Roles and Management – Implementing (Part II)

Once you have joined or viewed Part I: Understanding and Planning, you can watch this tutorial to learn how to assign access. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on how to assign a user role and access level. Please be sure to first view or join Part I: Understanding and Planning.

Program Management

If you are responsible for managing your program, operating site or service location, this is a must watch for you. This topic also includes slot management.

Learn More

Member Management

This is a must watch for those responsible for managing member records in the system.

Member Recruitment

If you are responsible for recruitment, this session is for you.

Member Assignment Listings

Member Enrollment

If you are responsible for enrolling members, please view this tutorial.

Reporting as an Information Tool

How do I turn MyAmeriCorps data into information? This covers the reporting options available in the system.


Additional Resources:

To download resources, click on the subject heading link. A pop-up dialogue will open to ask you if you would like to save the document. Select the folder to which to you would like to save the presentation and click save.

PowerPoint Presentations: 


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