Starting Strong: A Guide to Pre-Service Training

Although dated 1998, this guide can still be helpful for AmeriCorps programs planning pre-service trainings.

The section on training design shows how to make decisions about pre-service training, develop a pre-service training package, prepare trainers, and evaluate the training.

The section on training topics and activities provides practical materials for common training topics, such as communication, leadership and diversity.

This Guide was developed specifically to address the needs of AmeriCorps*State, National, and Tribes and Territories programs in designing and delivering pre-service training to AmeriCorps members.

Download sections of the Guide:

  • Table of Contents (PDF)
  • Section A, Introduction (PDF)
  • Section B, Training Design: Chapters 1 through 5
    • Chapter 1 (PDF)
    • Chapter 2 (PDF)
    • Chapter 3 (PDF)
    • Chapter 4 (PDF)
    • Chapter 5 (PDF)
  • Section C, Training Topics and Activities: Chapters 6 through 14
    • Chapter 6 (PDF)
    • Chapter 7 (PDF)
    • Chapter 8 (PDF)
    • Chapter 9 (PDF)
    • Chapter 10 (PDF)
    • Chapter 11 (PDF)
    • Chapter 12 (PDF)
    • Chapter 13 (PDF)
    • Chapter 14 (PDF)
  • Section D, Resources (PDF)


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