Managing Transitions

Plan for possible turbulence ahead

Read about Carl's struggle to prepare for his transition out of AmeriCorps.

Saying goodbye has never been easy for Carl, and he dreads it so much that he often avoids making transitions. He stayed at his last job long after he stopped growing and having fun with it. These days, he's with AmeriCorps and closer to doing what he wants with his life. While he's making preparations to go back to college when his term ends, the thought of leaving AmeriCorps looms in the back of his mind. He's been preparing ways to say goodbye to the students he tutors and is planning to come back and visit occasionally.

If you feel you are not yet ready for your upcoming transition, try to work out ways to better prepare yourself. Consider these options:

How can your coworkers or supervisors help you?
How can you increase your support network?
How can you talk with someone who has successfully completed a similar transition?
How can you build on your current strengths?

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