Thinking About Life After AmeriCorps or VISTA

Reflect, plan and act on your future

Before you know it, your service term will draw to a close.

You may already be thinking about your future-what you'll do, where you'll go, and so on.

This tutorial will help you lay out short-term and long-term plans so you can work through your transition from the AmeriCorps or VISTA experience to your next steps.

Shorter-Term Plans
Among the immediate decisions that you face are:

  • Will you leave the community you are serving? If so, where?
  • Will you go alone or with others?
  • When will you go?
  • What will you do while you make longer-term decisions?
  • How will you manage your finances and focus your energy?
  • Who will help you?


Longer-Term Plans
You'll also be concerned about long-range planning:

  • What are your career goals?
  • Will you seek additional training?
  • If so, where will you get it, and what's the cost?
  • Will you move closer to where you would like to live?

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