CNCS Evaluation Policies

Evaluation allows CNCS programs to build their evidence base, demonstrate what works, and make continuous improvements to their program models. Increasing the evidence base of all CNCS funded programs will expand the impact of CNCS resources at the local, state, and national levels. 

AmeriCorps State & National Evaluation Policies

  • Evaluation requirements for AmeriCorps State & National grantees and subgrantees are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations here: 45 CFR §§2522.500 -.540 and .700-.740.
  • Evaluation FAQs (UPDATED OCTOBER 2019): provide policy guidance on AmeriCorps State & National (ASN) evaluation requirements and CNCS’ expectations for ASN grantee evaluations. Additionally, the FAQs provide information for ASN applicants and grantees/subgrantees to help them plan and conduct successful evaluations (PDF).
  • Alternative Evaluation Approach guidance (UPDATED OCTOBER 2019): provides policy guidance for AmeriCorps State & National competitive grantees/subgrantees on the process for requesting an Alternative Evaluation Approach (AEA) and the bases for CNCS approval of AEA requests (PDF).
  • A recorded training from October 2019 on AmeriCorps State and National evaluation policies is available here:

Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Evaluation Policies

  • SIF grantees are required to evaluate their programs according to regulations. Learn more about SIF evaluation requirements here: (PDF).
  • Evaluation FAQs: read more about evaluation requirements and get clarification on frequently asked questions for SIF grantees (PDF).

Performance Measurement

There are important differences between evaluation and performance measurement (for more detailed information, see the GAO’s Definitions and Relationships guide). You can learn more about performance measurement on the AmeriCorps performance measurement page.

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