Using Evaluation Results for Action and Improvement

The final step in the evaluation process is to use the results of your evaluation to make meaningful program improvements.

Using Results for Program Improvement

AmeriCorps State & National

Reporting and Using Evaluation Results: This course will help AmeriCorps State and National programs understand the importance of communicating and disseminating evaluation results to stakeholders; write an evaluation report and become familiar with other key reporting tools; and determine meaningful programmatic changes based on evaluation findings and learn how to implement them.

  • Reporting and Using Evaluation Results Slides (PDF) (PPT)
  • Pre-work Handout (PDF)
  • Dissemination Plan Example (PDF) (XLS)
  • Access the recording of the Reporting and Using Evaluation Results presentation held on June 18, 2015 here. (Description of audio.)

Creating a Long-Term Research Agenda

AmeriCorps State & National

Developing a Long-Term Research Agenda: This course will help participants recognize the importance of building a long-term research agenda; identify the various stages in building evidence of a program’s effectiveness; and understand the key questions to consider prior to developing a long-term research agenda.

  • Developing a Long-Term Research Agenda Slides (PDF) (PPT)
  • Developing a Long-Term Research Agenda Handout (PDF)
  • Access the recording of the Developing a Long-Term Research Agenda presentation on July 30, 2015 here. (Description of audio.)

Evaluation Examples

  • Using Evaluation Results to Learn and Improve Webinar (PPT) (PDF)
    (Note: The content of this presentation is contained in the PowerPoint slides. There is no accompanying audio recording)
  • Evidence Exchange

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