Financial and Grants Management

Organizations need to handle funds wisely. This may include developing written policies and procedures, internal controls, and budget controls.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) grantees will also need to be familiar with documenting in-kind donations, time and activity reporting, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), CNCS regulations, and OMB regulations such as 2 CFR 200. Following are some relevant resources to support grantees with their financial and grants management efforts.

Required Courses

  • National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC) eCourse - (Required of all CNCS Grantees, annually)
  • Key Concepts of Financial and Grants Management eCourse - (Required of new-to-CNCS grantees prior to award. Recommended for all CNCS Grantees, annually)

This tutorial covers the main elements of grants financial management and administration for CNCS-grant recipients. Topics include federal and CNCS regulations, written policies and procedures, internal controls, financial management systems, managing cash, budget controls, documentation, time and activity reporting, matching requirements, and financial reporting. Grant recipients are encouraged (and, in some cases, required) to enhance their financial management skills in this user-friendly, online environment by accessing regulatory and procedural content related to their particular grant program(s).  Updates to the course material are currently underway and will be completed by summer 2020.

The grant’s Authorized Representative and Project Director must complete the course, along with any other staff who will have primary responsibility for program management and/or financial management.

Pre-Award / Application Certification Forms

Recipient Contact Form - used to establish grantee's primary point of contact for working with CNCS's funds payment agent, the US Department of Health and Human Services, Payment Management System (PMS). 

AmeriCorps Fixed Amount Awards

Additional Financial and Grants Management Resources

Grant & Subgrant Reporting Guidance

  • Frequently asked questions intended to provide guidance to CNCS grantees and their support networks on the importance of; how CNCS uploads prime grant data for public access; and prime grantee responsibilities for uploading their subgrant data.   This first edition, published May 1, 2019, is based on discussions during a March 21, 2019, CNCS webinar.
  • Webinar recording on Importance of USASpending and Subaward Reporting (March 21, 2019).

Financial and Grants Management Resource Index:  This page provides an index to many CNCS financial and grants management resources found on or referenced by the National Service Knowledge Network.

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