Fixed Amount Grant Drawdown Estimation and Closeout Tools

Earned Grant Amount Calculation Tools for Fixed Amount Grants
The Earned Fixed Amount Grant Calculators (“the tools”) are guides and associated spreadsheet templates used to determine the earned fixed amount grant funds that a program has earned.  For full-time and Professional Corps programs, the earned amount is based on enrolled AmeriCorps members’ service hours. For EAP type fixed amount grants, the earned grant amount is based on the number of enrolled members.  For all three fixed amount grant types, the calculation of earned grant funds involves consideration of other factors described in the Fixed Amount Grant Financial and Administrative Guide.  

The full time and Professional Corps tools offered below establish the earned grant amount as of the date a program’s member roster was extracted from the Trust portal. These tools can be used to identify the earned full-time fixed amount grant for national direct programs without sub-grants, individual sub-grants awarded by national direct programs, and individual formula and competitive sub-grants awarded by State Commissions.  Users are cautioned that the tools are being upgraded to automatically calculate what today are manual work-around calculations; the Guide presents work-around advice.

The EAP tools presented below can be used to establish the earned grant amount as-of the date of a program’s member roster extracted from the Trust portal. The earned grant amount can be determined for any point in the active grant cycle, and at closeout, with the closeout calculation being the final and fully accurate amount.  Calculations during the active grant cycle are estimates only, in that they cannot accurately project whether or not Members in "Active" status will in fact enroll and serve.  The EAP tools were updated in October 2019 to automate the exclusion of exited individuals listed on a roster but with no (0) hours of national service; these individuals were never enrolled into service and do not count towards the earned grant amount.  The October 2019 upgrades also improved overall accuracy by expanding MSY conversion factors to eight decimal points, and now presents a more intuitive data entry template at tab 1.  The user guide is being updated to complement these upgrades.

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