Critical Coaching Areas

Understand your strengths and weaknesses to become a better coach

People coach and mentor in different ways, but those who distinguish themselves as model supervisors consistently demonstrate an ability to help members achieve success in four critical areas:

  1. Implementing the member assignment
    How do you help your member understand what he or she is supposed to do and how to do it?
  2. Anticipating and addressing member needs
    How do you consider members' needs not just at the beginning, but in month six when their enthusiasm dips, and at the end, when they leave?
  3. Becoming an effective supervisor/member team
    What are the conversations that you need to have with your member to establish a sense of teamwork?
  4. Inspiring a life of service
    What additional training might the members need that you can't provide? What can you do to inspire in members a life of service?

Of these four critical coaching areas, where are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses? Use this self-assessment (PDF) form to find out areas where you need more development.

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