Reflection Overview

Hopefully you've encouraged members to reflect on their service experience throughout the year in monthly, quarterly, or midyear evaluations; journals or portfolios; and training sessions. However, reflection is especially useful as the year draws to a close and members assess what it's meant to them.

Look at these resources for ideas on prompting reflection:

  • Introduction to reflection (DOC) (or as a PDF)
  • Reflection activities (DOC) (or as a PDF)
  • End of year project (DOC) (or as a PDF)
  • Group reflection: The Council Process (DOC) (or as a PDF)
  • Group reflection: Group Reading (DOC) (or as a PDF)
  • Group reflection: Youth Resumes (DOC) (or as a PDF)

For suggestions on how reflection activities build bridges from old members to new ones, check out Passing Along Wisdom.

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