Supervisory Focus Area #1 (Part 3)

Coach successful implementation of the VAD

Arlene: I guess that's part of the problem. I know what I need to do in the food bank and I know the admin tasks I need to accomplish and I also know how what my big picture goals are, but I'm not sure how to connect the everyday to the larger goals.

Katherine: Well, let's talk about that. By the end of the year we want to have recruited at least 20 volunteers. How do you think we will get there?

Arlene: Ask my family to do it!

Katherine: Well, that's one idea.

Arlene: No, but seriously, I've started making a database of our current volunteers. I'm making calls to update our data and then putting all the names in the computer. That's a step, right.

Katherine: It sure is. And how's that going?

Arlene: A little slow. Honestly it's a little boring and it reminds me of the last admin job that I had. I like spending time in the food bank more. I prefer working with people to working with computers and phone books.

How could Katherine coach Arlene here?

  • A) Katherine: Right, but working in the food bank is direct service. You're supposed to be a capacity builder.
    As a coach, you want to guide members to do things, not tell them what they are supposed to do. Adults learn best when they are allowed to discover things, not when they are told what to do or not to do. Take a look at the other responses and see if you can find one that guides more than dictates.
  • B) Katherine: I thought that might be the case. Let's think about how we can meet your goals, which are capacity building and still give you the people time you enjoy.
    Good choice! This supervisor is listening to Arlene. They are trying to find a way to utilize the member's strengths while building capacity.
  • C) Katherine: So you're a people person. That's not terrible, that's direct service. Let me tell you what a capacity builder would do.
    Close. This supervisor has empathy and is listening to Arlene, but she is also telling her what she should do next. She does not guide Arlene to find her own next steps. Take a look at the other responses and see if you can find one that coaches more actively.

Let's see how Katherine coaches Arlene at the next stage

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