Supervisory Focus Area #1 (Part 5)

Coach successful implementation of the VAD

Katherine: Great. So what do you think you need to do to make this happen?

Arlene: Well, I need to make the flier. And I need to put it up.

Katherine: What are the steps to make that happen?

Arlene: I'm not sure really.

Katherine: Well, we'll need a list of locations, right?

Arlene: Of course.

Katherine: And it would be good to record where you put things up and when. Also we want you to record who your contacts are.

Arlene: So I could maybe make another part of our database for this?

Katherine: Exactly. Let's start by breaking down the task into a few subtasks and then give each task a deadline.

Arlene: That sounds good.

Remember, coaching involves:

  • asking questions and listening
  • providing guidance
  • building off of member's strengths
  • providing encouragement

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