Mentor Training Curriculum

Supporting Children and Youth: Mentor Training for Senior Corps Volunteers was developed to provide a standardized and easy-to-use training curriculum for Senior Corps' Foster Grandparent Program and RSVP project directors who have volunteers delivering mentoring and other support services to children and youth at schools and community organizations. This curriculum is designed to enhance volunteer capacity and improve the quality of service delivered by the volunteers. In addition to providing an overview of services for children and youth, the curriculum meets the need for creative and practical strategies and ideas that volunteers can adapt when serving children and youth.

Supporting Children and Youth: Mentor Training for Senior Corps Volunteers consists of the curriculum (eight workshop modules) and accompanying Facilitator's Guide.

Each of the eight workshop modules is organized into two-hour sessions. These workshops can be conducted individually or in combination of two or more. The module topics are presented as follows but do not need to be implemented in this order; each is developed as a “stand alone” workshop.

Facilitator's Guide
The Facilitator's Guide is designed to support the facilitation of the workshop modules in the curriculum but can also be a helpful guide when training adults in general. You are encouraged to use both documents when preparing for and conducting the workshop modules.

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