CNCS Performance Measurement

CNCS' Performance Measurement framework provides a common focal point for CNCS' work across all programs and initiatives. CNCS has a focused set of Agency-Wide Priority Measures derived from the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan. Every CNCS Program will contribute to the Agency-Wide Priority Measures. There are also specific grantee/sponsor measures that roll up into the Agency-Wide Priority Measures, which you can see in the Agency-Wide Priority Measures chart. Each CNCS Program also has Complementary Program Measures to collect additional performance information. See how your program measures fit in with the 16 Agency-Wide Priority Measures.


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CNCS Performance Measurement
This diagram represents Focus Areas, Objectives, and Agency-Wide Priority Measures from the CNCS Strategic Plan.
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  • Increase the impact of national service on community needs in communties served by CNCS-supported programs.
    Goal 1: Community resources

      • Assistance Provided
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 1

          Number of individuals that received assistance from CNCS-supported programs in disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and/or recovery.

      • Financial Literacy
      • Housing
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 2

          Percent of economically disadvantaged people that received housing-related assistance from CNCS-supported members, participants and volunteers who showed improvement in their housing situation.

      • Employment
      • School Readiness
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 3

          Percent of children that demonstrated gains in school readiness.

      • K-12 Success
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 4

          Percent of students served by or serving in CNCS-supported programs that demonstrated improved academic performance (including the percent meeting state proficiency levels in literacy and/or math, or whose scores on state standardized tests improved).

        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 5

          Percent of students served by CNCS-supported programs, or engaged in CNCS-supported service-learning, that demonstrated improved academic engagement.

      • Post-Secondary Educ. Support
      • Energy Efficiency
      • At Risk Ecosystems
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 6

          Number of at-risk acres (land and/or water) improved by CNCS-supported members, participants and volunteers.

      • Awareness of Issues
      • Green Jobs
      • Aging in Place
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 7

          Percent of homebound OR older adults and individuals with disabilities that received CNCS-supported services who reported having increased social ties/perceived social support.

      • Obesity and Food
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 8

          Number of individuals that gained access to food resources provided with the assistance of CNCS-supported members, participants or volunteers.

      • Access to Care
      • Vets and Mil. Families Served
        • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 9

          Number of (a) veterans; (b) veterans' family members; (c) family members of active-duty military; and (d) military service members that received CNCS-support assistance.

  • Strengthen national service so that participants engaged in CNCS-supported programs consistently find satisfaction, meaning and opportunity.
    Goal 2: Member Experience resources

    • Accessible and Attractive
      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 10

        Number of veterans and military family members engaged in providing services through CNCS-supported programs.

    • Meaning in Service Experience
    • High Quality Service Experience
    • Opportunities
      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 11

        Percent of service participants engaged in CNCS-supported programs who report having an experience that expands educational, professional or civic opportunities.

    • Health Benefits
  • Maximize the value we add to grantees, partners and participants.
    Goal 3: Capacity Building resources

    • Knowledge Base/Measuring Results
    • Rigorous Evaluations
      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 12

        Percent of organizations that implement evaluations that demonstrate strong evidence of program effectiveness than in the year prior to receiving CNCS funding.

    • Capacity Building
      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 13

        Number of community volunteers recruited and/or managed by CNCS-supported organizations or National Service Participants.

  • Fortify management operations and sustain a capable, responsive and accountable organization.
    Goal 4: Infrastructure resources

    • Strengthen IT
      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 14

        Complete modernization of IT infrastructure.

    • Talented, Diverse, Adaptive Workforce
    • Financial and Grants Mngmt. Sys.
      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 15

        Ensure that no material internal control or compliance issues are identified in annual financial statement audit.

      • Agency-Wide Priority Measure 16

        Award and close grants and contracts within prescribed timeframes.

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