SCP Resources for Independent Living and Respite Surveys

This page provides resources to help Senior Companion Program  and RSVP projects conduct surveys to measure outcomes for independent living clients and caregivers receiving respite services. Resources include: survey instruments in 14 languages; instructions, samples, forms, and training materials to collect and summarize the data; notes and recordings of training (webinars), and frequently asked questions.

Visit the RSVP Resources for Independent Living and Respite Surveys page for related resources.

SCP Surveys and Support Resources

SCP Performance Measure Surveys Information Packet (updated for 2014)

Click here for the complete packet or download individual sections below.

NEW! Condensed version for both SCP and RSVP: Independent Living Performance Measure Surveys: Condensed Information Packet (PDF)

  1. Introduction (PDF)
  2. The Senior Companion Program Performance Measure Surveys: FAQ’s for Project Directors (PDF)
  3. Steps from Data Collection to Reporting (PDF)
  4. Preparing Survey Helpers to Collect Data: Introduction to Sample Training Sessions (PDF)
    1. Sample Training Session 1: Giving the Survey to Clients/Caregivers to do on Their Own
    2. Sample Training Session 2: Giving the Survey to Clients/Caregivers in an Interview Format
  5. Appendices

Instrument Translations: SCP Independent Living Survey

Independent Living Survey translations

Arabic (PDF) Chinese (PDF) French (PDF) German (PDF) Hindi (PDF) Italian (PDF) 
Korean (PDF) Polish (PDF) Portuguese (PDF) Russian (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Tagalog (PDF) 
Vietnamese (PDF)

Instrument Translations: SCP Respite Care Survey

Respite Care Survey translations

Arabic (PDF) Chinese (PDF) French (PDF) German (PDF) Hindi (PDF) Italian (PDF) 
Korean (PDFPolish (PDF) Portuguese (PDF) Russian (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Tagalog(PDF) 
Vietnamese (PDF)

Data Summary Resources

Orientation and Training

Past Webinars

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