Using the Independent Living Curriculum and Planning Volunteer Training

For Senior Corps Programs Providing Independent Living Services

Volunteer training and support increases the preparedness and professionalism of volunteers. The curriculum, Providing Independent Living Support: Training for Senior Corps Volunteers, and training plan process described below are designed to assist Senior Companion (SCP) and RSVP project directors and volunteer station managers train volunteers that provide independent living services to frail seniors and persons with disabilities.

Both the curriculum and training plan process were developed with the assistance of Senior Corps project directors. To learn more, read About the Curriculum and Training Plan Process (PDF).

The volunteer training plan process offers several components to help you develop a strong plan, however, if you are ready to develop your plan and schedule, jump right into Component 3 to review the modules and Component 5 to develop your training plan.

Component 1: Training Requirements

Review the basic volunteer training requirements for SCP and RSVP programs.

Component 2: Preparation

Use this worksheet to help you consider the training needs of different volunteers and how/where the training should be conducted.

Also see Promising Practices for Volunteer Training recommended by members of the Independent Living Working Group.

Component 3: Independent Living Curriculum and Facilitator’s Guide

Review the curriculum to determine which modules are appropriate for your group of volunteers. Check the Facilitator’s Guide for tips on logistics, managing groups and training adult learners.

Providing Independent Living Support: Training for Senior Corps Volunteers and Facilitator’s Guide

Curriculum Modules at a Glance (PDF)

Introduce Colleagues to these Resources

Component 4: Training Content and Resources

Prioritize training topics and think about who might facilitate or contribute to the training.

Other Training Content and Resources

Guest Speaker Suggestions by Module (PDF)

Component 5: Volunteer Training Plan and Schedule

Use this form to pull your information together into a volunteer training plan and schedule. Plan for the quarter or the whole year.

Component 6: Individual Training Agenda

Are you ready to develop a workshop training agenda? Click here to find a sample template and examples that you can download and adapt:

Developing an Individual Training Agenda

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