Developing an Individual Training Agenda

Component 6: Individual Training Agenda

Now that the schedule is started, the next step is for the person responsible for the training to work out the details, such as specific activities that will keep participants engaged and meet your learning objectives, timing, materials, etc. Below are links to a sample agenda template, a description of typical agenda components ("Developing an Agenda"), and examples of training agendas with different levels of detail.

Agenda Template (DOC) (PDF)

Developing an Agenda (PDF)

Examples of Training Agendas

Agenda Example 1 (DOC) (PDF)
This agenda example has a lot of detail; the topic is driving and transportation alternatives.

Agenda Example 2 (DOC) (PDF)
This agenda example has some detail; the topic is disaster preparedness.

Agenda Example 3 (DOC) (PDF)
This agenda example has only a little detail but can serve as a handout to training participants. The topic is fraud and telemarketing scams.

For additional examples, see the curriculum Providing Independent Living Support: Training for Senior Corps Volunteers; brief outline agendas are at the beginning of each module.

More on logistics! Chapter One of the Facilitator’s Guide discusses planning logistics for individual trainings (e.g. organizing a training space, supplies and equipment to consider) and includes a detailed checklist.

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