Plan/Schedule Samples

Component 5: Volunteer Training Plan and Schedule

There is no one way to plan your volunteer training; the important thing is to plan, while allowing yourself some flexibility as circumstances change. Below are examples of Senior Companion and RSVP training plan/schedules for inspiration.

Examples of Training Plan/Schedules

Training Plan Example 1 (DOC) (PDF)
This training plan example is for new Senior Companion volunteers (pre-service training).

Training Plan Example 2 (DOC) (PDF)
This training plan example is for new and ongoing Senior Companion volunteers (pre-service and in-service).

Training Plan Example 3 (DOC) (PDF)
This training plan example is for new RSVP volunteers (orientation) and includes an optional suggested training plan that stations may want to implement, separately or in partnership with RSVP.

Also see Providing Independent Living Support: Training for Senior Corps Volunteers Facilitator’s Guide; Chapter One discusses logistics for individual trainings such as setting up a facility, and includes a detailed checklist.

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