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The President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll logo2009 Presidential Award
General Community Service

Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, Ohio

Ohio Wesleyan University students can best be described as dedicated. In the last academic year, 1,773 students donated more than 45,000 hours to community service projects including tutoring economically disadvantaged children; mentoring at-risk youth; building houses; repairing hurricane damage; serving in soup kitchens; advocating for social justice and human rights; cleaning up the environment; supporting fair trade; empowering women; fighting against human trafficking; and raising money for disaster relief, refugee relocation, disease research, micro-loans, and non-profit organizations. They served missions and joined the Peace Corps. These students didn’t stop there. They gave blood; hosted workshops; recycled waste; circulated petitions; provided translation; marched, walked, danced, ran, and fasted for a cause; participated in a hunger banquet and multiple canned food drives; and made a difference on campus, in the community, and around the globe.

The ripple effect of these contributions is nearly impossible to quantify. What is measurable are the $28,000 raised by OWU’s Greek community for philanthropic causes, the carloads of canned goods and toiletries that students donated to the local food pantry, and the tons of garbage they removed from local waterways and highways. In fact, the students earned recognition with the “Community Stewardship Award” and the “Keep Delaware County Beautiful” program for all of their efforts. And the faculty and administrations are also active role models for civic responsibility. They serve on boards, volunteer for causes, join students on spring break mission trips, and take a stand on local and global issues.

This level of dedication to community service is a cornerstone of Ohio Wesleyan University, which has been committed to education for leadership and service since its inception in 1842. Its passionate graduates take with them their learning and commitment to serve. They leave the university passionately committed and well-prepared to address the issues impacting our global community.

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