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Award focus: Education

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Student Service 
  • Total Enrollment: 1,368
  • Number of students volunteering: 1,169
  • Number of community service hours 2012-13: 219,571
  • Key Service Areas: Education, Service Learning,  Community Engagement
Our Unique Approach to Community Service
Inspired by its mission to improve the lives of children and families, Wheelock College engages in scholarship and service that enhances the vitality of families, communities and societies. The College is dedicated to realizing transformative change and advancing leadership in all members of local, national, and international communities. Service and academic learning are inspired through a committed relationship and collaborative dialogue between communities and the college.
Service Summary
Academic service learning and exposure to a variety of cultures is an integral part of a Wheelock education, beginning right from students' first year on campus. Wheelock hosts trips to a variety of international and domestic locations to immerse students in local culture as they perform community service projects. The Wheelock Jumpstart site, funded by AmeriCorps, has the largest percentage of student participation of any college or university in the Boston area and continues to be cited as a national model for effective literacy programs. Today 85% of Wheelock students participate in community service activities. 
Service Highlights
  • The Mattahunt Wheelock Partnership: Since 2010, Wheelock has partnered with the Mattahunt Community Center, located in one of the most underserved areas of Boston— the Mattapan neighborhood. The Partnership builds upon the Mattapan community's strengths, supplements gaps in services, and increases the capacity and sustainability of and technical support for the Community Center. The Mattahunt Wheelock Partnership serves as catalyst for successful, replicable public private partnerships in urban communities.
  • Presidential International Service Learning Program: In 2012-2013, 55 students provided more than 1,478 service hours during International Service Learning trips to South Africa, West Africa, Northern Ireland, Belize, Haiti, Germany and Barbados. Articulated service learning goals link course objectives with the on-site engagement. Courses investigate topics such as social justice, community, language and culture, mental health, and anti-bias education.
  • Ubuntu Arts: Housed in the Undergraduate program of Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy at Wheelock since 2006, Ubuntu Arts brings together youth groups, college students and adult mentors to collaborate on art-making projects that give voice to social and personal issues of concern to area youth. This project creates opportunities for active engagement and collaboration that enhance the vitality of youth and communities. 
Looking Forward 
Wheelock will continue service especially focused on the underserved areas of Greater Boston and the world by forging new partnerships and opportunities for community collaboration. President Jackie Jenkins-Scott aims for every student to have a global experience before they graduate. The College is expanding student scholarships for the Presidential International Service Learning Program to offer students academically-supported service and community engagement projects with a civic focus.
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